Monday, 28 July 2008

Sallyent / Tinkering Textiles

Sally is a very busy lady and spends so much of her time promoting and creating things like the Manchester Craft Mafia and UK DIY and much more, that she really needs a very big shout out and a big thank you for all of her hard work. And just as important she also makes bags! She creates funky designs in vintage, japanese and geometric fabrics, that are very eye catching and well made. She also makes a range of fantastic dachshund dogs and lovely specs cases that would make really nice gifts. You can see her work @


SallyF said...

*blush* gosh thank you not quite sure what to say now. just thanks, that was so lovely : )

Ash said...

Sally! You sure is a creative crafter! Wow. I love bags, especially designer handbags; but I'd love to check out your creations.